growing the cooperative economy

Co-op Data Club exists to grow the co-operative economy by helping co-ops support other co-ops.

By aggregating data, to connect the 3 million co-ops with the 1.2 billion co-op members, we aim to deliver an increasing range of benefits for both the Co-ops and individual Members of The Club.

Co-ops often lack the required investment capital to spend on customer acquisition in order to reach scale and financial sustainability. This problem is known as the ‘capital conundrum‘. Co-op Data Club is one idea to help solve this issue by providing cheaper – and free – ways for co-ops to acquire new members and customers.

one step at a time

Our initial strategy focuses on networking Co-ops together, to enable them to connect and arrange inter-co-op promotions.  Co-ops agree to promote each other via email newsletters, social media or other channels – and everyone wins.

Phase 2 will involve direct promotions to the co-owned email list. Once the Club is up and running there are many other services it could provide including discounts for bundled services, bulk purchases, and additional data brokering and management.

We have several more plans and are aiming to implement referral codes for both subscribers and co-ops, so that Members will be able to benefit directly by promoting the club.

Why Co-ops?

co-ops are the most ethical form of business

• Co-ops are democratic companies. The members, such as workers or customers, share the profits and elect the leadership on one-member-one-vote basis. In a conventional firm, the only goal is to maximise profits for the shareholders and those with the most money have the most votes.

• Co-ops have strict principles and are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.

• Co-ops are viable and just alternatives for meeting our economic and social needs in contrast to corporations that exploit people and the planet.

• Co-ops are booming, with 1.2 billion members spanning across continents and sectors. For example, one in three Americans are members of credit unions and one in five rural households in Rwanda are members of farmer cooperatives.

• Co-ops have been shown to be more productive and resilient than conventional firms. Coop Data Club helps grow the co-op sector by connecting people with co-ops.

10 reasons co-ops rock

Everyone benefits

Co-ops take a people-oriented approach to business, which delivers greater support and commitment from employees, customers, and the community at large, which makes them better equipped to increase performance and serve their stakeholders, which enables the positive cycle to continue.

For example, as co-ops gain more members and grow they make more profit, which often means they can lower their prices while delivering the same quality of service.

The more people that cooperate the more everyone benefits.

cooperative advantage

Who are we?

co-op data club is a collaboration

Co-op Data Club is a collaboration between Oliver Sylvester-Bradley of The Open Co-op and Leo Sammallahti of VME Coop, who collectively administer the Club. If you are interested in collaborating with us to help grow the Club, or finding out more about how we can help your co-op, please get in touch.